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Kirkwood Neighbors Organization

Mission - To promote mobility options such as riding transit, walking, and biking as key to the streets and people of Kirkwood. To improve accessibility and make sustainable transportation easy and safe in Kirkwood.


Committee accomplishments

  • 2017: distributed a survey about transportation needs in Kirkwood (

  • 2018: requested stop signs installed on Hosea Williams at Oakview to prevent crashes

  • 2019: secured letter of support for Complete Street on DeKalb Ave

  • 2019: requested two bus stop shelters be installed on MARTA route 21

  • 2019: requested speed limit reduction on Hosea Williams from 35 to 25 mph by legislation (awaiting new signs)

  • 2020: requested sidewalks be fixed on Oakview between Hosea and 2nd Ave


You don’t have to be a transportation expert - you just need to care about improving mobility for people in our community!

Contact us to find out how you can share your time and talent with the Transportation Committee:

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